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For the better part of a decade, Shirtquarters existed exclusively as an online retail operation.  We use the term "operation" as loosely as possible.  The first year was basically printing t shirts only Drew Powers wanted to wear.  As time passed, we picked up all sorts of unintentional business and learned we could actually serve the custom market and business market quite well.  In 2015, we began actively pursing these markets.  In 2019, we expanded to offer a variety of ways to get the job done for our customers.

Below are the three main methods we use to print on t shirts and related garments.




This is where is at all started for Shirtquarters.  A small 6 color manual press.  Screen printing is a real throwback to a simpler and patient way of printing.  A manual press is even more vintage.  We specialize in one color printing but depending on needs and scale of a particular project, we can go up to 8 colors.  Screen printing is still the industry standard for quality and longevity.




This is the future, though it is here now.  DTG is the abbreviation for Direct To Garment.  Basically it is a giant ink jet printer where the t shirt replaces the piece of paper that would normally run through the printer.  Specialized inks for printing on cotton and blended materials are used.  You can literally print anything on a shirt with this option.

Roughly a decade ago, we saw the potential with DTG printing and jumped in with a product called The Fast T-Jet and it was a disaster.  The machine was not what was promised to us and we had to get out of the DTG experiement  This made us gun shy about expanding into DTG in the years to follow.  We saw all the models at all the trade shows and nothing made us feel comfortable about the quality until Epson launched their own DTG printer.  It is THE Standard in our opinion and we made the investment.  It is a beast and can tackle any job big or small.

DTG removes a lot of old printing restrictions and allows you to print one offs or small orders with unlimited colors.  Free samples are available.




Still a fun and cost effective way to get prints on garments, especially hard to print places like sweat pants legs, etc.  Great for athletic names on shirts and jerseys.  Also allows us to get real creative with gems, rhinestones and other 3 dimensional prints.


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