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Tom got some New England Stoners Who Ain't Ride or Die - Shirtquarters

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We at have long said Tom Brady is The GOAT. Hence the hit GOAT t shirt we created over a year ago.

We too stood by New England and The Patriot Way through Spy-gate, Deflate-gate, Brady is over-the-hill gate...and whatever else-gate has come or will come. Well, some "wicked haad" fans of The Pats ordered this beautiful GOAT tee in droves after the AFC Championship game. High five-ing and spilling Sam Adams all over themselves and their keyboard. That's cool. Much obliged. We felt you all had it in the bag too...against the misfit Eagles.

Well, as the legend Al Pacino said in his Oscar winning performance of Scent of a Woman..."when the bow breaks the cradle will fall...and it has fallen".

What the hell are we babbling about? How about a return rate of these damn tees that Devin Hester would be jealous of!  These damn t shirts came back smelling of bunk weed and stale PBR...and tears. You could get a contact buzz when you opened the return packages with the sorry ass note inside written by someone with a third grade spelling level in all caps: "SORY, IT WAS TO BIG". 

It was a 3XL because you're a drunken cow who bails on his Legendary QB when he couldn't get you a 6th ring and you need your $13.96 back to pay for your XBOX Live subscription.

Never did I think the day would come where some of our beloved Pats fans would stoop so low. It's not the returns that hurt. It's the lies. Just be honest. You're ashamed and for no damn reason other than you have lost your balls to represent the great Brady's face super imposed on top of a standing GOAT.

I make a plea to any Pats fans out there that still believe your Tom Brady is the GOAT.  If you are willing to take one of these THC ridden GOAT t shirts off our hands that your lesser brethren returned...We will hook you up any way we can!  Just email us through the site.

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